Sunday, October 26, 2014

Capitol Reef Part One

Since last week it was fall break, my family all went to Capitol Reef!  I was so excited to go because I was definitely ready for a break from school and work, and honestly, I'm ready for another break!  Haha.  But anyways, these trips are especially fun because we always go to some place in Southern Utah and do a bunch of exciting things!  This year we did a lot of repelling!

Our first day there we went on a hike to an arch.  And it was super hot, which made me question my wardrobe of long sleeve shirt and jeans for that day.

But of course it was really fun.  Hanging with my cousins is tons of fun, we just laugh, and laugh.

The next day we started our repelling trip.  First we all hiked all uphill to another arch.

Then once we were all set up, we had to wait at the top for an hour or two waiting for all 20 something repellers to go down.

The first repel was the biggest, a solid 200 foot drop.  But it was super fun!

The canyon we were going down had a total of seven different repels, so it took us a couple of hours to get everyone down.  It was definitely an adventure though!

I think it took us about five or six hours to get down, so when we got back to camp, we were exhausted.  So we just hung around, visited, and ate dinner and stuff.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Flaming Gorge Part Two

When we're not out on the lake we do lots of visiting and eating, watching movies, and playing with my cousins!  Lincoln really liked me that night, but the rest of the trip he didn't really want anything to do with me. 

We even play the annual Bingo, and win lots of candy of course.

Then of course we go out boating again the next day.

And this time I remembered to get picture while Zach and I were kneeboarding.  We had so much fun out there!  The best was when we hit some waves and I thought I was going down so I let go with one hand to plug my nose, but I ended up landing it, so that was pretty cool!

We went to a different beach on the second day, so we had different cliffs, but it was still tons of fun!

We played King of the Hill on the dock while we were waiting for the boat to pick us up.  We all sucked at it because none of us could get back on the dock once we fell in.

My uncle then took the older kids for a another boat ride that night, so I got to wakeboard.  I used to not really like wakeboarding, but now I'm kind of a fan!

Then next day I got a cold and was feeling super sick, sore, and sunburnt.  So that wasn't really that much fun.

But we pulled out the tubes, which I really like, so it was all good!

My uncle brought one of his tubes.  I think I prefer sitting in a tube though, because it was kind of freaky on that thing.  Me and Court had a hard crash, and that definitely didn't help with my cold.

The last day I still wasn't feeling the greatest, so we didn't even go out on the boat until late in the afternoon, when I was feeling better.  We just did some kneeboarding and tubing!

This year was really different because Ashley was on her mission, so I didn't have my boating buddy with me!  I missed her!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flaming Gorge Part One

Finally the time to go to Flaming Gorge came!  I always get so excited to spend the week boating with my cousins, we always have so much fun, and make a lot of memories!

This year I drove up with my grandma. and my cousins Connor and Cameron.  Of course we had lots of fun listening to our jams and stuff.

Unfortunately on our way up, my grandpa got a flat tire on his trailer, so we had to stop by Strawberry Resevoir while he fixed that.  We ended up climbing onto the boat because we knew we would be stuck there for awhile.

We ended up taking a lot of pictures, and made really funny slow motion videos.

It was actually raining a little, so Connor went and hid in the boat where we keep the kneeboards and skis and stuff.

After our forty minute little detour, we got back on the road.  Until we needed some gas.  So we pulled over and got some gas, and me and Connor took some pictures on the dinosaur.  All of this stopping made our four hour drive turn into about a six hour drive, and by the end of it Cameron was dying because he was so hungry.

The next day we started our boating!  Of course it involved taking several pictures.

Luckily the water was super smooth, so it was perfect for skiing.  Cameron rocked it.

Then we brought out the kneeboards, my favorite!  And of course I was too excited so I forgot to get someone to take picture for me.  But I did get a picture of Cam teaching Ava how to kneeboard.

After our turn on the boat was over, we went to the beach and did some quality cliff jumping.  That was so much fun!

Then after a whole day at the beach we were all exhausted, especially Mason.  So we went back to camp and stuff.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Girl's Camp

This year was my last year of Girl's Camp, and my first year with my new ward!  It's been kind of weird being in a new ward because I didn't know any of the girls, but I did get to know a lot of them!

We were kicked out of our old spot in Heber so this year we went to Blackhawk, which is up by Payson Lakes.  It was kind of different this year too because Courtney had cheer everday so she would only come up in the afternoon and stay until like 10.  So I liked to hang out with her when I could.  This year I was also the youth leader for my ward so I had responsibilites and stuff.

I had to help the stake with certification and teach the girls CPR with my mom.  I also had to teach them a game.

 We did spend some time at Payson Lake.  We swam around and did like an obstacle course thing, that was pretty fun, and the water felt so good!

Then of course we had skit night and my mom made a fool of herself.

Since we always have a stake girl's camp I always get to see my cousin there, and she's pretty awesome, so we took several pictures.

On the last day we hiked up to a waterfall, and that was really cool, and everyone got wet, except for me.  Which was smart because as soon as we finished our hike it started pouring for a long time, so they never dryed!

The last night my dad came up with my sister and we had dinner and testimony meeting in the rain, and it was freezing, but my mom let me sleep in our trailer with her instead of my tent, so I wasn't cold that night, yay!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Laurel High Adventure

As a laurel I get to go a day early to girl's camp for a high adventure thing we do!  So we woke up super early to start adventuring!

Our first adventure was horse backriding.  At first my horse was super calm and cool, but then he decided he wanted to start running and stuff, so that freaked me out, and it made my glasses fall off my head, but luckily I was taught well and could calm him down.  My horse also really liked to eat and he'd stop every five feet to eat some weeds.  It was annoying, and the horse wouldn't listen to me all the time.  But it was still fun!

Our next adventure was roping and other games.  I wasn't very good at those.

We then hiked up Battle Creek Falls to repel down the waterfall.  It was so awesome!  Luckily I'm not afraid of heights, or that would've been the worst thing ever.

We then drove to Deer Creek to eat lunch and spend the rest of the day at the beach and on a boat.

Our bishop took us all on his boat so we could go tubing.  It was a lot of fun, and my bishop is a crazy driver!

They had paddle boats and canoes and a bunch of other things at the beach for us to do, it was a lot of fun!

It was really fun to get to know all the laurels in my ward, because recently my ward split and I'm the new girl in the ward, so I was finally able to get to know all of them!

After boating, we drove back home and had dinner and a fireside.  It was a really fun, and exhausting day!