Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Girl's Camp

This year was my last year of Girl's Camp, and my first year with my new ward!  It's been kind of weird being in a new ward because I didn't know any of the girls, but I did get to know a lot of them!

We were kicked out of our old spot in Heber so this year we went to Blackhawk, which is up by Payson Lakes.  It was kind of different this year too because Courtney had cheer everday so she would only come up in the afternoon and stay until like 10.  So I liked to hang out with her when I could.  This year I was also the youth leader for my ward so I had responsibilites and stuff.

I had to help the stake with certification and teach the girls CPR with my mom.  I also had to teach them a game.

 We did spend some time at Payson Lake.  We swam around and did like an obstacle course thing, that was pretty fun, and the water felt so good!

Then of course we had skit night and my mom made a fool of herself.

Since we always have a stake girl's camp I always get to see my cousin there, and she's pretty awesome, so we took several pictures.

On the last day we hiked up to a waterfall, and that was really cool, and everyone got wet, except for me.  Which was smart because as soon as we finished our hike it started pouring for a long time, so they never dryed!

The last night my dad came up with my sister and we had dinner and testimony meeting in the rain, and it was freezing, but my mom let me sleep in our trailer with her instead of my tent, so I wasn't cold that night, yay!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Laurel High Adventure

As a laurel I get to go a day early to girl's camp for a high adventure thing we do!  So we woke up super early to start adventuring!

Our first adventure was horse backriding.  At first my horse was super calm and cool, but then he decided he wanted to start running and stuff, so that freaked me out, and it made my glasses fall off my head, but luckily I was taught well and could calm him down.  My horse also really liked to eat and he'd stop every five feet to eat some weeds.  It was annoying, and the horse wouldn't listen to me all the time.  But it was still fun!

Our next adventure was roping and other games.  I wasn't very good at those.

We then hiked up Battle Creek Falls to repel down the waterfall.  It was so awesome!  Luckily I'm not afraid of heights, or that would've been the worst thing ever.

We then drove to Deer Creek to eat lunch and spend the rest of the day at the beach and on a boat.

Our bishop took us all on his boat so we could go tubing.  It was a lot of fun, and my bishop is a crazy driver!

They had paddle boats and canoes and a bunch of other things at the beach for us to do, it was a lot of fun!

It was really fun to get to know all the laurels in my ward, because recently my ward split and I'm the new girl in the ward, so I was finally able to get to know all of them!

After boating, we drove back home and had dinner and a fireside.  It was a really fun, and exhausting day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Flying Home

Finally the day of the dreaed 12 hour flight back to Seattle had come.  We weren't excited for the plane ride, but we were excited that it was taking us home!  So, we got all our stuff and sat at a corner and waited for a bus for about 30 minutes. 

When we got to the airport and to our gate, we were surprised to see a little ceremony going on!  We were flying on Delta's first ever non-stopping flight from Hong Kong to Seattle!  It was actually super exciting!

They had all these important Delta people flying on our plane, so we had to go through some extra security.  I was kind of worried this first flight would be like the first sail of the Titanic, but luckily, we were all safe!

The best part was when they surprised us with certificates and pens of the Seattle Space Needle that light up!

We had quite a bit of a layover in Seattle.  It was about five hours and we were used to it being in the middle of the night, so we all just slept on the airport floor, it was the most uncomfortable thing, and I just wanted to be home.  Then finally we landed in Salt Lake late in the afternoon, and it was so wonderful!  I loved being able to see my family and Justin again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Last Day in China

Today was our last day in Hong Kong, and it was kind of bittersweet.  We've all had such an amazing time, but all of us were just really missing America, and our families.  

For our last day we had a lot going on.  We first took a tram through the city, which was interesting because their trams were two stories, and it was cool to drive through the city, instead of walk!  Haha.  

After the tram we took the subway, and walked through a fancy hotel until we got to the building where we were going to the 100th floor.

When we got to the 100th floor after going up a minute long elevator ride, it was super cool at the top, they had gift shops, a restaurant, and all this tourist stuff.  And the view was spectacular!  We went around the whole building, so we got several different views of Hong Kong!  It also happened to be the fifth tallest building in the world!

After that we rode the subway some more until we got on the other side of the city to see the temple!

Unfortunately the temple was closed a few days before we got there for cleaning, so we couldn't do baptisms!

Instead we just ate lunch there, which was still a super cool experience!

Afterwards we went across the street to the distribution center and Madi got the New Era that she's in, in Chinese, then I got some free church stuff in Chinese, like the YW theme!

After another subway ride and walking through the Hong Kong heat, we got to the Ladie's Market!  Madi and I bought our much wanted I Heart Hong Kong t-shirts!  We also stopped at the Jade Market where Madi and I bought jade rings!

It was then time for us to go to dinner so first we went to McDonald's to get some ice cream!  So good!  We had to wait around for about 45 minutes for our ferry to take us to the restaurant.

View of the city while we were headed to the island.
The ferry ride was very relaxing, and I was so exhausted that I think I fell asleep on the boat.

We had a delicious seafood meal, it was so good!  I especially liked the scallops and squid!

We got some more ice cream and took the boat back to the city.  And that concludes our last day!  It was such a successful trip, I loved every minute of it!  And a huge thanks to our teacher (pictured above) for making this all possible!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ocean Park

Today we spent the day at an amusment park nearby Mr. Anderson's home.  So we walked the fifteen minutes to the park in the heat and humidity, seriously, as soon as we walked out of the house we were already sticky from all the humidity!  Even though it was overcast all day long, it was the so hot and miserable.

Madi and I had only done a few rides, including bumper cars, a swing ride thing, and a roller coaster called the Hair Raiser, which caused Madi and I to black out, when we were starving, and hot.  So, we went to the nearest restuarant, which was probably also the most expensive, to eat lunch.  We both spent ten American dollars on a tiny pizza, and it didn't even come with a drink.  But that's okay, we didn't really have any other way to spend our Hong Kong money.  After lunch we walked all the way across the park just to get an ice cream at McDonald's because we were so stinking hot, and those cones were the most delicious things ever.  

We weren't meeting with the rest of our group until later that afternoon, so we had some time to kill.  So we went on the cable cars, hoping for some air conditioning, or even a breeze.  It was definitely cooler than walking.  And the ocean looked very cool with the overcast weather.  We shopped around a bit, mostly because we wanted the air conditioning.

We even stopped by at the Arctic animals exhibit, and we stayed there a while because it was so cold in there!  It was awesome!  And the animals were cool too.

 It was then time to meet up with the rest of our group to watch a dolphin show.

We were all so exhausted, but we still hadn't seen any panda bears our entire trip, so we had to go to the exhibit!  Luckily it felt good in there too.

We continued to look at different animal exhibits and went to an aquarium before we all walked back to Mr. Anderson's.

When we got back we had quite a bit of down time.  Parker and Briggs were singing Taylor Swift songs to me, then we ate delicious homemade pizza, and had a fresh salad!  It was so good!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hong Kong, Finally!

Today we woke up on our last train!  Even though it was a soft sleeper, this was my least favorite train ride.  It was super rickety, and we kept stopping and it was just a really rough ride, so I kept waking up.  But we weren't getting off until 11 so we had some free time in the morning to do some more chatting with the moms.  

The train didn't go all the way to Hong Kong, we had to get out and on a bus that would take us over the border.  We had to go through immigration and stuff, then we were on our way!  I remember falling asleep and then waking up and we were in Hong Kong, so I took some pictures on the bus ride.

When we arrived at Mr. Anderson's house we started feeling the heat and humidity.  As soon as we stepped out of the bus we were so sticky and gross, it's so humid!  But we got all settled in, and Mr. Anderson's mom made us homemade stew, which was delicious, with some homemade bread, even more delicous, then we had some cookies, which were also very very good.  We were so excited to finally have a home cooked meal!  We then took some taxis to a place called The Peak.  It was a mountian that we just walked around to look at the skyline of Hong Kong, and it was super cool!

After walking around, we took a tram to the bottom and then walked around the city for a long time looking for dinner.

On our walk we passed the church building in Hong Kong!  It's kind of an interesting place, 14 stories high in the middle of the city!  They have church everyday in Hong Kong because there are a lot of Filipino maids that only get one day a week off of work, and a lot of the time it isn't on Sunday, so everyday that have church so the maids can go whenever they don't work.

Finally after going to three different McDonald's and deciding that they were too busy, we finally found one that we ate at!  It was delicious.  I even started to dip my fries in the ice cream sundae that I got, just to see if the Chinese would think that was weird, or if they would start doing it!  I don't think anyone was paying attention to me though.

We then walked around the city some more until we came to the place where we were watching the laser show.  They put on a laser show every night, so of course we had to watch!

After the show we had to take a ferry back to the island that Mr. Anderson's house was on.  Then we had to take another taxi.  They are pretty weird here because they drive on the opposite side of the road.  But the best part of Hong Kong is how American it is!  They have western toliets and English signs!